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Have you ever find yourself stuck in an everyday working routine?

If you are working alone or from your own home – that for sure has its own benefits. But let’s face it – it has its downsides as well. Someone would even say that working from home presents an abundance of distraction. It’s really hard to work effectively when you are close to your TV, pets, bed, and family.

You can go to the coffee shop instead but that won’t reduce the level of distraction for sure. Coffee shops are noise, you will be interrupted often and, well…- coffee shops simply aren’t meant for work.

So here’s an alternative!

Instead of working from home or from the regular working office or even worse – a coffee shop – here’s our suggestion – why wouldn’t you try with Coworking space instead?

The evidence is clear – coworking spaces are all the rage. Growth in the number of coworking spaces, revenue, members and Google search the data is more than positive.

But how working in Coworking spaces will exactly benefit you? Here is the list of benefits of Coworking spaces. Explore it and find out why coworking spaces help people thrive.

Becoming more effective

An office environment creates energy and set the right working mindset that can only come from interacting with fellow co-workers.

Here’s what research shows:
• 64% of entrepreneurs said that coworking space made them more productive,
• 68% of entrepreneurs have found themselves more focused and
• 90% said they felt more confident.

In coworking spaces, you’ll find many like-minded people – all of them focusing on their own passion projects and we guarantee to you won’t be able to ignore that as this buzz will drive you on to make your own business success.

Avoiding Loneliness
Being an entrepreneur is great – working alone not so much. It’s been proven that working alone has negative side effects on someone’s wellbeing. Co-working spaces let you connect with like-minded people who have chosen the lifestyle similar to yours. This will ensure you end up filling energized, social and happier.

Working in coworking spaces will set you near people who could potentially help your business. Some of them will have a vastly different skillet then yours, they will offer solutions you couldn’t possibly think on your own and you and your business will for sure benefit from this diversity.

More Flexibility and Efficiency
Coworking spaces take care of everything you would potentially need to worry about if you would choose regular office space instead. Here we think mostly on utility bills, fixed-term lease, installing infrastructure, etc. With coworking spaces, you can choose to rent a space on much shorter, flexible terms. This will have a positive effect on your budget – you will lower your business expenses and increase your profit margins.

Emotional support
In coworking environment you’ll get a great possibility to learn more about other freelancers and solopreneurs who’ve worked hard to be where they are now. You’ll gain emotional support, have the wind at your back and avoid the trap of self-doubt in tough times. This will set you on a right track for a long run that is in front of you and your business.

New businesses
Not just that coworking spaces encourage a great sense of a community but they bolster business by fostering connection. Many coworking members have noticed a significant increase in new clients thanks to the relationships they’ve established at their place of work. At coworking space, your business will get more exposure to diverse groups of potential clients. Sounds’ great, doesn’t it?

Studio 38 Coworking space – Let’s Get Down to Business – Together!

Are you convinced? Ready to explore all the benefits of coworking and experience significant impact instantly on your business?

We are recently opened Studio 38 Coworking space in Westmont, Illinois.

Learn more about us – explore our website, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are here for you and all potential questions you might have.

Interesting in visiting us?

We are at 38 N. Cass Avenue, Westmont, Illinois (in the AMG bulding) and we’d like to see you in person and explore the ways we can help each other on the path to the business success.

Studio 38 Coworking serves Westmont, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Hinsdale, Lisle, Western Springs, LaGrange, Burr Ridge, Lemont, Woodridge and other local neigbors.